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Case 5: Varicose ulcer/Venous ulcer - Medical treatment information

Medical condition - Varicose ulcer

Brief description - Wound(s) that are thought to appear due to improper functioning of venous valves, venous ulcers are alone 70-90% of all the leg ulcers.

Signs & Symptoms - Swelling, Pain, Wound, Secretions

Cause - Exact cause of varicose ulcer is unclear

The Ayurveda way of diagnosis: We can appreciate clear evidence of food habit(s) and physical habit(s), viz: use of food articles that are unhealthy; either as a single item and in combination with articles as well (Viruddha). Long hours of standing can be one of the reasons

Prevention - Compression stockings; which can prevent the new ulcers from occurrence


  • Aim of the treatment is to create an environment where the skin is allowed to grow across the ulcer
  • Finding the underlying cause and treatment is also one of the modalities

Results - Surgery is a promising approach that shows a success rate of 85%

Panchakarma along with herbal medications for Varicose ulcer are one of the promising options; the case which we mention below is one such case which has shown tremendous improvement within a very short span of time.

Case Primer

  • 56 year old male with varicose ulcers on both the legs; the largest one measuring about 4.2 x 3.3 cm
  • Known case of hypertension and on medication; Borderline diabetic on strict diet
  • Both legs feature wounds with associated pain (severe) and secretions with foul smell; movements severely restricted due to pain
  • Having undergone surgery for the same 3 years ago; newer ulcers have re-surfaced since last 6 months

Treatment given

Panchakarma: To initiate the body's innate healing capacity and also render the body clean

Medicines/Herbs: Herbs which enhance blood circulation and relieve pain were used as concoctions and pills

Wound dressing: Ayurvedic wound dressing and healing promoters were used

Results - Pain relieved soon after the initial Panchakarma therapy finished, wound healed at a faster rate

Wound before treatment

Wound before treatment

Changes during therapy

Changes during 2nd Stage of treatment

At the end of Panchakarma

During 5th stage of treatment

During 6th Stage of treatment

During 6th Stage of treatment





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