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The world is advancing at a rapid rate; much faster than anyone had imagined ten years ago, so is India in the path of progress and achievements. Thanks to the smart work of the younger generation coupled with the vision laid by, the elder visionaries of India, India has positioned itself well among the international peers in many industries like Information Technology, Healthcare, Biotechnology etc. India’s economy is poised to grow steady and stable promising a bright future ahead. While we are talking about the brighter side, we are less aware or not prepared to face the darker side of the growth which has already started to affect the Indian population.The sudden surge of development and progress has affected our society in many ways to, changes in the infrastructure, basic amenities, and healthcare facilities and so on. For instance, Bangalore is called “The Silicon Valley of India” but if we look back 15 years Bangalore was “pensioner’s paradise” and the infrastructure was also much more similar to a city which is quite and pleasant. But the change in commerce forced the city to renovate itself in a new way, providing ground for newer skills and technology. People from various parts of the country moved to the city in the aspiration of the new and promising future, but the existing infrastructure of the city took the beating, and the city faced various problems round the year due to various issues. At times, it was the flooding problems during rains, congestive roads, increasing vehicle population and pollution etc.

Today’s busy world is pushing professionals to deliver more in a competitive frame of time; the spirit to excel and be on the top has persuaded professionals to work more than their prescribed working hours. On an average a professional works more than 10 hours in a day (this time includes the time he/she devotes to carry their work home), usage of cell phone is also substantially increased in the recent past. Travelling to work in cities like Bangalore is hectic and consumes up to 2 hours a day. All these factors have started affecting the quality of life, making them and their family easily prey to various ailments. Polluted food articles and chemicals regularly used for various reasons are making their way into the body and contributing to toxic conditions, these toxic conditions in turn are causing grievous disorders like cancer and on top of it several individuals are seriously affected due to disorders caused by mental stress are on the rise. Now the question arises that; are we progressing towards success or just participating in the rat race for money and possessions?

It is evident that people are not adequately spending time for their health; it is an individualistic effort at first; where a person has to become conscious that he/she has to spend some quality time in a year for their health. It is also equally important that the employers should consider the fact that healthy professional can deliver more and the talent of the individual can be harnessed for a longer time, if not the talent found by the company will soon become less productive and gradually no longer useful. Proper health education and awareness are the keys to the situation, awareness programs for various epidemics have shown promising results in the past in India. Can such model be adopted to eradicate conditions which are occurring due to the lifestyle? No doubt the medical technology has advanced and still doing good, but somewhere a question arises that, whether the path we have chosen to battle the health condition is appropriate? Because we have managed to control infective condition very effectively but lifestyle disorders ( a group of medical conditions which arise due not due to infections but due to wrong habits) is on the rise and India is estimated to incur the loss of billions of dollars. Such is the magnitude of the lifestyle disorders.It seems more or less we are sitting on ticking time bomb with no help around the corner).

Digging the past has rewarded us well most of the times; at times it has saved us from making significant mistakes and sometimes has guided us to good future. Similarly, if we look back at the history of medicine, the revelations are stunning and mind boggling. The medical texts of ancients have talked about conditions resulting due to lifestyle and called them as “Graamya”. It is our misconception that we relate to the village when we hear the word “Graama” but it is a division of human settlement more organised than the “Vaanaprastha”. Sanskrit medical texts have described exactly similar conditions and causes which hamper the lifestyle disorders.

Educating the masses has been used as a tool for maintenance of health in various countries; our corporate health program is a culmination of Ayurvedic treatments along with appropriate education of people. We organise various health camps and health talks at offices; bringing healthcare one step closer to healthcare consumers.

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